Christmas in the Country

by Carol Abbott
December 1999


The 24th has been so full,

So filled with last-minute activity.

And now, as midnight tolls on the

Grandfather Clock, I flop into my window-side chair's seat.

I switch off the light of the lamp at my elbow,

Pull Grandma's afghan across my legs, and

Gaze out to watch the drifting snow.

It is blanketing the frozen ground,

And by morning will be quite deep.

I sigh a bit, knowing I should go on up to bed

And try to get some sleep.

I feel so cozy,

So full of Peace.

The World is hushed

In a falling curtain of White.

God has given

A Gift of Beauty to remind us

That His Beloved Son

Was sent to Earth on Such a Night.

That Holy time in Bethlehem

Brought forth a Baby Boy.

And now, tonight I ponder Why

God sent us Such Pure Joy.

His Love for us,

His Children on Earth,

Is so very deep and strong,

That Jesus Christ came down in Birth,

To Save us and Right our wrongs.

I sit and watch the snow drift down

And struggle to find words

Of gratitude worthy to say my 'Thanks'

For such a Gift of Love.

And I realize that my mind cannot

Form thoughts complex enough

To speak what my heart feels

Of This Purity sent from Above.

Like soft, white feathers, the snow

Floats and swirls down from the sky

And gives this old World the Chance

To begin again -- to start fresh and new...

This human, life-afirming dance.

My Family sleeps within our house

And everything with us is aright.

And so I offer up my prayer...

"Thank you Lord, for this Silent, Holy Night."


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