Mother's Day
A Loving Tribute pictures, words & memories

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          Welcome to Carol's Place.  I want to say right here and now: I had a wonderful Mother!  And a wonderful Grandmother!  Also a mighty fine Great-grandmother.  And did I mention that my Mother-in-Law was the absolute best?   Mother's Day was probably started by the greeting card companies to boost sales (?), but it is a really good idea to show Mom that we love her and appreciate every sacrifice that she has made for us since the day we were born.  I tried to do that for the years that I could, but now that these beloved women are gone, I still want to say: 

" I love you. 
I miss you.

I will always be grateful for having known you
and having you in my life."

Below you will find a link to the pages in my site that honor Mother's Day.  I invite you to look around and hope you will enjoy your visit.


With Love to My Family...
Those who came before me,
All who surround me in the Present
and Those who will come after me...

~ Carol~



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Three Women (Who Gave me Life)
(My Mother, My Grandmother & My Great-grandmother)

Mary, the Mother of Jesus
(A Tribute to the Blessed Virgin)

Tribute to a Dear Lady
(I Remember my "Mom" the Way She Used to Be)

Mother's Day Background Graphics
(Three pages and counting!)

Kids and their Moms
(A light-hearted look at what kids think of their mothers)

"The Best Profession"
(Here is a favorite Forward of mine)

A Mother's Day Quilt
(Beautiful Quilt Squares from some of my quilting friends for Mother's Day)


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It is a Great Honor to Receive this Award

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From  the Cheerful Celebrations Webring
for May, 2005



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