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A wonderful Site (and the one where I found the Fairies that I colored for the top of this page) is
Fairies World.com
There you will find dozens of beautiful original fairy art email post cards from some leading artists

Fairy Gifts

Fairy Art

Black and White drawings for coloring

       And much, much more.......


This is a very Special Site for all who believe:

My friend Cynthia,who lives in England, sent me to this page.  It has several wonderful links about the Cottingley Fairies.   I enjoyed reading about them and hope you will too.


Where can I find out more about the World of Fairies?

The Wee Folke Webring - over 100 sites of Fairy related info


I love to shop for Fairies for my collection or for a friend at these places:

Garden Fairy.com - An Especially nice retail place

The Fairy Door & Window Company - I love this place! (They have one of the neatest opening pages on the web)


Where can I find out more about Cicely M. Barker and her Flower Fairies?

Biography of Cicely Mary Barker

More Barker Biography Info at Fairies and More

Kariba Gifts and Collectibles - My Favorite retail outlet.  Has the full line of Flower Fairies

Cicely Barker on eBay -  items are always for sale.  Some are Buy It Now, some for auction



Do you have a Fairy Site you would like listed on this page?  email me and I can do a link.**

**Please, No Adult content or sexually explicit material (tasteful nudity will be considered on a case by case basis)  Absolutely NO site showing hate or intolerance for other people will be listed.

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~ * My Magic Fairy's Name * ~

(found at Whindoe's Creations)

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My fairy is called Thorn Goblinweb

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She is a bringer of riches and wealth

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She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes

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She is only seen in the mist of an early morning



I Collect
Cecily M. Barker Flower Fairies


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