Some lovely Flower Fairy Globes for you to Enjoy

Please do not copy these globes from this page.  Visit Elf Girl's Graphics to see all she has to offer.


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This beautiful animation
conjures up my name.
I found her at this link:

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bloemkind5globe.gif (80918 bytes)
This beautiful creation is from Elfjes Globes 1
autumnby.jpg (4799 bytes)
Here is another from elfje fairy2.gif (36707 bytes)




flickerfairy.gif (22160 bytes)

Deb Harris
wf_mercurial_ban1.jpg (10846 bytes)

Lelabydebharris.jpg (16153 bytes)


Fairies are only a small part of the wonders that await you at Deb Harris' site
I had a really hard time choosing just one to bring home and I bet you will too!

Okay, I couldn't pick just one.   So here are a whole page of her Beautiful Fairy creations and annimations.




windspirit4.jpg (18410 bytes)
I'm a Wind Spirit




carol01.gif (30252 bytes)
carol04.gif (52488 bytes) I found this two exquisite graphics at the same site called Animated Names
(here is the Artist info link)




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